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AfghanOnline Proverbs' page

They asked the fox, "Who is your witness?" He said, "My tail,"
Meaning: Collusion is suspected: or, one withness for his own benefit.

A lion at home, and a fox abroad.
Meaning: A big frog in a little pond becomes a little frog in a big pond: or, every dog is a lion at home.
Usage: Character and quality show up early.

A fox is in trouble because of his own pelt.
Meaning: A person’s own health or possessions can involve him in trouble, thus becoming his own worst enemy.

He is riding the donkey, but has lost the donkey.
Meaning: (a) Meaning: If it had been a snake, it would have bitten you; or, not making the same mistake twice.

In an ant colony dew is a flood.
Meaning: A little misfortune means much to one in need.

Having been bitten by a snake, be's afraid of a rope.
Meaning: Once bitten, twice shy: or , not making the same mistake twice.

If there is only bread and onions, still have a happy face.
Meaning: "Be content with such things as you have."

God said, "Eat and drink," but He didn't say, "Gorge to the full (up to your throat)."
Meaning: One’s own child is especially dear for him/her.

Every anguish passes except the anguish of hunger.
Meaning:One can forget other troubles, but not the need of food.

A warm fire is better than any delicious food.
Meaning: Warmth is more important than food.

One who doesn't appreciate the apple, won't appreciate the orchard.
Meaning:If we don't appreciate little things, we won't appreciate great things.

Two watermelons can't be held in one hand.
Meaning: If you have too many preoccupations, you will succeed at none of them.

Salt preserves meat, but what can be done with salt if it is bad.
Meaning: Ordinary people can be corrected, but how can one correct teachers, leaders and preachers: or, if salt has lost its savor it is good for nothing.

A mother won't give milk to her child until he cries.Meaning: Unless we ask for something, we don't get it.

Even if a knife is made of gold, a person won't stab his own heart with it.
Meaning: Don't side with your best friend or evern with your son if he is in the wrong.

A new servant can catch a running deer.
Meaning: A person who is new at a job is overly energetic in an attempt to make a good impression.

He ran out from under a leaking roof and sat in the rain.Meaning:Out of the frying pan into the fire.

My drum doesn't do what I want it to.
Meaning:Used when a servant, child or student doesn't do what you have told him to do.

Only stretch you foot to the length of your blanket.
Meaning: "Cut your coat according to your cloth:" or, don't overstretch your bounds.

Walls have mice and mice have ears.
Meaning:Secrets told are spread abroad.

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