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  AFGHAN muSic  

Music page has just been update. Please check out the new music which have been added, also rate the artist's songs.

Now you can play music right on the server, versus downloading play-list and then listening to it.

 AFGHANONLINE VIDEOS videos section just been added. Enjoy unlimited video clips from A to Z

Please use the search function to search for any video you want. CLICK HERE TV is here. Now you can watch many different Afghan TV channells, Indian movie/song channels and many others. We are still adding new tv streams. CLICK HERE
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Check the new real player songs and MP3 songs ever been recorded on net. Farhad Darya Pashto and Dari songs  just been added. We bring the songs of  the best Afghan singers for your leisure. MP3 songs just added

Afghanonline is striving to get the best on Kabul Museum. If you can be of any further documentation, write to us. For time being we have this link provided so our visitors would have the idea how could have been Kabul Museum: Have a look at it:

Mullah Nasrudin page has been just updated with more than 199 mullah jokes.  Nasrudin lived in Anatolia, Turkey; he was born in Hortu Village in Sivrihisar, Eskişehir in the 13th century, then settled in Akşehir, and later in Konya, where he died (probably born in 1209 CE and died 1275/6 or 1285/6 CE).[7][9]



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